Because I used our baby whisperer right from the beginning,  I didn’t think that I had needed to do much reading on the twin topic.  Oh no!  I seem to have a lot of literature on the subject of babies and toddlers, particularly to do with sleep and food.  What was I thinking!  It is all part of that “mummy guilt” thing that you are hear banded around occasionally.  I needed clarification that what the baby whisperer told us to do was in fact the right thing to do.  I discovered that mostly it was, depending on who you are were reading of course.  There were still some things that I found we were doing that others didn’t, but it really didn’t matter because what we were doing seem to be working.  And I think that is the secret of everything “mummyish”.  If it is working for you and you believe you are doing the best for your children then you are doing great.  Just one thing to remember.  Sometimes you think it might be working for you but it helps to get an outside opinion as to whether you really are coping.  It is not easy to spot when you might be in trouble if you are tired and raising two or more children the same age.

So if you feel like a read (and you have time) here are some of my favourites.  I will add more over time too as the twins grow up.


Save Our Sleep – Tizzie Hall
ISBN 9780091929503
Has several routines that may help

Baby Love – Robin Barker
ISBN 9781405039109
This was my dictionary when the twins were ill and for all things “baby”

Twins – Katrina Bowman & Louise Ryan
ISBN 9781865087689
Lots of stories from multiple parents that helps you feel you are not alone

The Mighty Toddler – Robin Barker
ISBN 9781405039116
Another dictionary

Toddler Taming – Dr Christopher Green
ISBN 9781864710946
One of my favourites –  love his opinion that if toddlers want to wake in the night that is fine but they do not have the right to wake their parents as well

How to Raise a Happy Toddler – Tizzie Hall
ISBN 9780091929510
Some more good routines – did I mention I like routine

Confident Toddler Care – Jo Frost
ISBN 9781409113348
I have always loved Jo’s TV shows.  This book also has some great hints on how to entertain toddlers

Emotionally Healthy Twins – Joan A Friedman, Ph.D.
ISBN 9780738210872
Still reading this one as it is an important topic for me

Baby Bowl – Kim McCosker
ISBN 9780731815159
Easy recipes with few ingredients to gather

New Complete Baby and Toddler Meal Planner
ISBN 9780670072156
A classic.  Lots of meals that can be frozen.