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Dear Mr Jones…part two…

David Jones Department Store
Market Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Dear Mr Jones

You may remember me.  I am the lady with the terrible twins that jumped all over your beds about two months ago. If you do not remember you are lucky, if you do, then you will probably want to reach for your Valium about now.

I am not sure how getting a new bed installed became so difficult.  But I think it has something to do with your store management and processes.

We organised through your bedding department to have the bed and surround delivered yesterday.  The drivers were to call at 6.30am with an ETA.  We were up early and had taken the old bed down, no mean feat with two three year olds wanting to help.  The call never came and when my husband contacted your office at midday he was told they forgot to put the bed on the truck. They would arrange delivery on Saturday, today. Hmm,,,I thought. I was already to book into the Four Seasons for the night when my husband rang to say he would put the old bed back up for one night. Darn, not happy Jan.

I rang your bedding department and very nicely let them know what an inconvenience it was that the bed had not been delivered. They advised me they understood but it wasn’t their fault as they had sent the request for delivery to the truck company and what else could they do.

I wanted to say this:

Take responsibility for the mistake, give me a $500 gift card, and ensure that the bed is delivered with the utmost care to our house.

Instead I was too nice and agreed that these things do sometimes happen and accepted their “unsure” offer of a new mattress protector.

The bed arrived this morning along with two very jovial men who tramped mud all through my house. When my husband pointed out the large black marks on the mattress they declared it happened at the factory and do not clean them as they will only smudge and look worse. They suggested we contact the manufacturer and get them out to clean it.  Really?

Now, had I not had to clean dog poo off two pairs of shoes and the entire garage floor this morning I might have been a little more forgiving. But I am furious. If they had come Friday as they were told to then the cleaner would have cleaned up their mess after them, the twins would not have been outside stepping in dog poo, the dog would have been walked and wouldn’t have felt the need to poo on the lawn, the workaholic would have got to play golf, and I would have had the bedroom sorted before the weekend.

I know this is hard for you to grasp but I am well and truly p….d off.  I want my $500 gift card next week and you can s…k your mattress protector somewhere else.  By the way the mattress protector never arrived so that is why I know I can say this without causing you any physical harm.

Please take note.  You as the retail store are responsible for your supplier, the mode of delivery and the final feelings of your customer.  I know that the bed was purchased in a sale but your sign did not say that it would be damaged upon arrival.  Please ensure that you fully disclose all the possible outcomes so that the buyer is aware of what they may be purchasing.

Take another note.  You have 14 days to rectify the situation, to my satisfaction, or I will bring my entire Mothers Group and our entourage to your bedding department for a play date.

Third note.  Make the $500 voucher from your competitor across the road so I can see if their service is any better.

Last note.  As I sit here procuring this letter I cannot believe how incredibly comfortable this new bed is.  Thank you.

Yours sincerely

Timeless Mama

New Bed at Last

New Bed at Last

Legal Drugs this Time

Oh my oh my.  Today was my second visit to a neurologist about my migraines.  The first was at the public hospital with a person called a registrar who admitted he did not know anything about migraines.  This was a free visit (or paid by the taxpayer visit, as we like to call it in Australia).  The visit today was a referral from this kind registrar to a private neurologist who does know something about migraines.  For this privilege I paid $440 of which $220 is recoverable from the taxpayers funded scheme, which we refer to as Medicare.  However, if a service is partially covered by Medicare you are not allowed to claim any of the out of pocket cost through your private health care.  I still can’t quite understand why, but that is how it is in Australia.

How long winded is this getting?

I got the pathology done and then visited the local pharmacy to fill the prescriptions I was given.  I now have in the cupboard the following drugs, partially funded by Medicare. Remember how I said if Medicare partially pays for something you are not allowed to claim it on your private health.  This is starting to sound like an Australian Health Public Policy lecture!

  • maxolon
  • maxalt
  • indocid
  • mersyndol forte
  • arthrexin
  • bioceuticals migraine care

These are all alternatives or additions to the aspirin, imigran, panadol, and neurofen that I currently use.

At some point I think the whole thing got quite ridiculous and I will sit down when I am not so tired and go through her explicit instructions on where to start.  I will then work out the next best course of drug action so when the next one hits I know what I am doing.  I am so hoping by being so prepared that one will never come!




To Wrap or Unwrap

Safe Wrapping Guidelines

I loved wrapping.  It worked for us and we did it fully until they started to roll then we slowly introduced them to safe sleeping bags. It is not for everybody but I believe this is one of the reasons I was able to teach self settling so early on.  You must remember to always take advice from an expert when swaddling to ensure that you are following “safe sleeping guidelines”.

Lately I have been thinking about how often I hear that babies don’t like being wrapped or that they get out of them, so I thought I would search for something on you tube about swaddling babies.  We also firmly believed that the only reason someone got an arm out was because the parent had performed a “bad wrap”. There was much competition and hilarity between us.

This morning I asked the Workaholic if he could remember how to wrap. The answer, “no, probably not”. So if he happens to pick up this post he might like to have a look at the Royal Hospital for Children Melbourne recommendation video just to refresh his memory too!

Have a lovely restful Sunday.

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Click once a day if you really like this blog



Park Ponderings

Spectacular View

Spectacular View

On Tuesday afternoon we decided to go to Kesterton Park  purely because I was getting bored with the zoo. We go to the zoo at least twice a week so you can’t say I don’t get value for money from my pass.  I also felt like having a little sit down instead of chasing two preschoolers up and down vale and fielding 101 animal questions about 101 animal topics, that I can’t answer.

So I took some snapshots of Kesterton Park. There will be a whole pile of parents out there that are cross with me for divulging one of the Lower North Shores best kept secrets. We love this park. It is cool in the summer afternoons and warm in the winter mornings.  Best points as follows but I think the photos tell it for themselves.

  • parking
  • rubbish bin
  • toilets
  • four seater seesaw (perfect for two sets of twins)
  • alphabet and counting play
  • two swings
  • soft rubber fall
  • climbing frame suitable for 3-7 year olds
  • park benches for parents
  • fully fenced
  • and last but not least the gorgeous view of Neutral Bay
Climbing Frame

Climbing Frame

Covered Slide

Covered Slide

Problem Solving

Problem Solving



Play Unit

Play Unit

Pretend Play

Pretend Play

Learning ABC

Learning ABC

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Click once a day if you really like this blog

A Trip Down Memory Lane Again

Back to the Highlands we went again yesterday to visit more open homes.  I am getting a bit concerned that I am attracting dope heads or that maybe there are just a lot of them in the Highlands.  Another Saturday, another open home, and another man with a strong aroma of weed. The Workaholic believes I just have the most sensitive nose in Australia and that it really is just bad aftershave that I can smell. Well, I would like to believe that, but I doubt it.

We trawled our way through three houses plus a fourth, the same one we visited last week.  It really is a pain looking at property because you cannot see all the problems in one half hour visit. The other frustrating thing is that you need to remind yourself no matter what your budget there is no such thing as the perfect property. But that is what we would all like right?  You have to have foresight, stamina, luck, and low levels of anxiety to strike it lucky.

You will be pleased to know at our second viewing that we didn’t run into the same aromatic man as last week. But the same signs were there;  “watch the step” and “do not use the toilet”. Lucky for me I can read. Master however cannot.  While we are trying to discuss ceilings with the agent, Master appears in the hall with his trousers and knickers around his knees.  “Daddy, I need some help”, he says.  The agent starts to laugh, “Master obviously can’t read my signs”. The Workaholic is horrified and they quickly finish what they need to in the bathroom and we vacate in a hurry.

Note to self:  DO NOT take Master to bathroom renovation centre where there might be unplumbed toilets on show.

It is still uncanny that this house is so like my best friends from school.  Everything about it, even the long garden that stretches for miles is very similar.  And that familiar smell of an old house is still lingering…

Maybe this is the property, maybe not.  Am I up for the challenge of doing two new bathrooms, fixing rotten windows, new carpet, painting walls, planting half an acre successfully, and the worst part having to clean every last inch of the kitchen/dining.  All that while living 90 minutes away and caring for two three year olds…

If you want to find out,  continue reading this blog…because I think life as I know it is about to take a turn.

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Click once a day if you really like this blog




Trip Down Memory Lane!

Sometimes I have flashbacks to my youth.  Saturday was one of those days.  We drove  90 minutes to the Southern Highlands to look at an open home.  Miss was cranky from the moment we left Sydney and it was a bit of a trawl to find things to entertain her.  Finally I found some emergency vehicle stickers (do not ask) and hoped that they would share them.   Lucky for us it worked.

We dutifully obeyed the signs at the front door that said  “please remove shoes”.  This was no mean feat when Miss was wearing zip up boots and Master was a struggle to get shoes on in the first place.  There was also a notice in the bathroom requesting no one use the loo.  Who would use a loo at an open home?  Obviously somebody.  There was also a sign to “watch the step” and I began to think about my best friends house when we were growing up.  This house was the same 1920 era with the same wide hallways, small bathroom and kitchen, and added on sun room with the step (that I always tripped over). It even smelt the same and I wondered if that was the age of the house, the carpet, or the smoke from the fire.  It wasn’t an unpleasant smell at all,  just very familiar and comforting.

The Workaholic had put shoes back on the twins and was letting them go crazy in the half acre backyard.  I was still nosing around the house reminiscing, when I noticed a guy standing in the doorway staring out at the garden.  He said, “wow, cool garden”.  I thought nothing of it as I too thought it was sensational even though it needed a lot of work.  But then as I walked past him I realised that he probably was actually seeing a lot more than the half acre I could see.  I am not sure how much marijuana he had smoked before he came to the open home but I almost felt dizzy with the aroma.  I chuckled as I told the Workaholic who replied, “that was the guy who didn’t take his shoes off “!  Perhaps reading was difficult under the influence.  I wonder if he used the loo…and tripped over the step…

I never tried any illicit drugs at high school but I did live in a wealthy farming area and plenty of my classmates did.  My decision never to try was based on the same decisions I make today about recreational drugs.  I need to have a clear head and my mind plays enough tricks on me without fueling it more.  It was not unusual for a classmates brother to grow plants at the back of the hay barn or even in their mothers greenhouse.  One mother of the 80’s was obviously blind to her child cultivating tomato plants at the back of her shed!  The open home guy was about my age and I wondered whether the dabblers of my high school days were still partaking now that they were middle aged.  I couldn’t help but feel a little old but at the same time I enjoyed the nostalgia of the moment.

Today I went to the garden to check my tomatoes and had another chuckle.  Couldn’t resist the photo.  No illicit growth here yet, just a blue butterfly placed there by Master to scare away the birds!

Yes they are tomatoes!

Yes they are tomatoes!


Bloggers Award


Thank you to Twin Talk for nominating me for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award!

So yet again I get to nominate my own readers for this award and at the same time hopefully introduce you all to each other.

Here are my nominations:











Thanks to everybody for making reading a pleasure.









Multiple Mutterings

So, this week I have indirectly been told that my twins should not be watching any television at all as it is just rubbish.  I have indirectly been informed that their behaviour on one occasion may have been naughty and not acceptable.

Now on both of these subjects I was left feeling a bit miffed as I do try to limit screen time and I do try to control their exuberance in public.  But you try catching two excited three year olds bent on having a great time.

I was happy to visit Multi Group on Wednesday where I got lots of empathy and sympathy for my tales of woe,  and I felt much better.  I now know that I am doing my best in tricky situations.  And that having two or more at the same development level can be a challenge.

I am so happy and blessed that my children are outgoing, cheerful, throw few tantrums and are excited about life.  And if they sometimes get off the leash, so to speak, and run a bit rampant then that is ok too. It is just part of growing up.  Note to self:  I must learn not to take to heart the things that people may say.  I am learning to grow too.

Happy Mothers Day for Sunday.



Migraine Memories

Well, last week my general practitioner (GP) finally got the Registrar’s report on my migraines.  Now this registrar of neurology was a very nice man but I wasn’t feeling confident when he advised me that he didn’t know much about migraines.  And his report pretty much reiterated that it seems.  I am to take 800mg of Ibuprofen twice daily for the first five days of my period and this will hopefully stop a migraine eventuating.  I will dutifully to do this and hope it works.

Better news though.  This registrar was at the public hospital and he kindly referred me to someone privately who does know about migraines and I have managed to jump the queue for an appointment on the 27 May.  I would really like to have something in place before we take a winter holiday.  The island we are going to does not have the facilities or drugs required to deal with an acute attack.

The more I read and research migraine the more I have learnt about the struggle to find a cure.  Currently there is no cure and this is quite a scary thing for me.  I am still dealing with some back trouble from my  pregnancy and my lovely chiropractor has suggested I try acupuncture.  I am off there next Thursday to try that.

And to top it all off I had another attack last Sunday but managed it well at home, thank goodness.  I did feel bad that the Workaholic had the twins all day but they all had a good time.  Little Miss came upstairs a few times to sit with me and tell me about all the goings on downstairs.  She told me how yummy their dinner was and that Daddy was a good cook.  He later told me she didn’t eat any of her dinner.  Bless her, she knows the art of how to make people feel better already at the age of 3.

Peter Rabbit visits…

Oh the joys of our first Australian vegetable garden.  It has taken us 7 years to get around to building this garden and I must say the Workaholic has made a fantastic job.  It is located along our front fence in full sun and at a height that I don’t have to bend down to look after it.  We had to allow space for the water meter so he has built a hinged deck over the top of it so the water reader can lift it up to take his reading.  The best part about a deck  is all the people that the twins meet hanging over the fence and telling anyone who will listen about our vegetable garden.

Today was the long awaited, “see how the carrots are going”, day.  So we all followed the Workaholic to the front garden as he waved his trowel in glee.  This is what we dug up today.


They actually look quite sizeable in this snap, but…this is what they look like next to a teacup. Oh dear, a little on the small side I think!

Teacup Carrotts