Toilet Training Twins

Remember this is the way I chose to toilet train my twins, but it is not for everybody and is by no means intended to be advice.

Well, here was one task that I kept putting off.  Every time I thought about it great fear loomed.  A bit like the fear I have at the moment about taking down the gate at the bottom of the stairs (I like to know where everyone is at all times).

So as all other great milestones in my twins lives I chose to consult our famous baby whisperer.  I had various questions about training one at a time, what sort of rewards,  how will I cope with two messy potties, should I put a nappy back on them when we fly.  The whole process really did bring about some anxieties.

Her answers were as follows:

As long as you begin when they are both ready then they will be trained together as so far we have done everything else together.  If you do them together it might be a bit more work for a short time but you will be done in a shorter  time too.   We do not reward children with stickers and chocolate for performing a normal human function;  but we do reward with our body language and verbally.  No potties please as the toilet is part of life and it will save lots of double mess and cleaning on your part.  I loved that as I didn’t want to have to empty potties.  Never put a nappy back on again during the day.  That bit scared me with a four hour flight coming up.  But everybody went before we got on the plane and one or two of us used the facilities on board with great excitement and success.

Equipment (assuming you have one bathroom)

Plastic toilet training insert
Roger Armstrong make a toilet seat that fits between the bowl and the seat.  It is easy to clean and only $9.95 – Product Number BTC1192PW

Change Mat
I kept a spare for a few weeks just until they got used to doing all the poo on the loo

In case of sticky business.  Flushable would be good but more expensive

Plastic Bags
For non-flushable wipes, dirty laundry or undies that are destined for the bin

Glen 20
Which is disinfectant in a can. Awesome for cleaning the insert, toilet and floor

Spare Clothes
Knickers, shorts, t-shirts etc as there will be accidents

Step stools
One for the toilet – smaller than the basin one
One for the basin – Vee Bee by Valco do a great two step stool for $15.  It has a hole for a handle in the top, makes moving it around the bathroom a breeze.  I already had these for teeth brushing and washing hands.  You could possibly not bother with the toilet stool and just use this one, especially if you are in a small space.

That’s it really.  We got lucky and had a relatively non bumpy road with this one, however, you never know what is around the corner, do you!