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Dear Mr Jones…

David Jones Department Store
Market Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Dear Mr Jones

I am writing to congratulate you on your new playground for children.  My twins thoroughly enjoyed exploring the numerous beds that you had set up in your formal showroom on Saturday.  It was marvellous how they were set up so close to each other so they could run on beds the length of the showroom.  The only problem was the last bed in the line up required quite an athletic jump, but easily managed by Master Three.

They also loved the children’s section where they threw cushions to each other and also to their imaginary friends.  This meant that the Workaholic had to get off his phone and rescue cushions from various positions in the showroom.  Miss Three also loved hopping into a pre-made princess single bed complete with cushions and beautiful adornments.  It turns out that her shoes she left on while hopping under the covers were a perfect match for the quilt cover.

Whilst this was happening I was trying to discuss a new bed for Timeless Mama and the Workaholic.  I managed to be distracted enough by the twins appalling behaviour, to be talked into doing so.  However, I am grateful that you provided me with a detailed receipt so that when I got home I knew what I had bought.  It appears that we bought a new bed and surround for a remarkable discount, (I do remember bartering down the surround at some point).  So, thank you for that.  But I do not remember when it will be delivered so would appreciate a phone call a few days before said delivery.

I will be sure to pass on to my mothers group and to my blog followers how great your new playground is but could you please install a children’s bathroom on the same floor as all that bouncing causes little bladders to explode regularly (I would hate to mess up the beds).

One last note.  To all those people who are ever considering buying a mattress from the floor stock  of a bedding store please remember whose feet may have jumped all over it!  You may prefer to order from their factory.

Yours sincerely
Timeless Mama




Readers Award (Thank You, Thank Me)


Reader Blog Award


I am always excited when someone starts reading my blog.  This week I am excited because one of my fellow twin bloggers, Sparrow, has nominated me for the Game of Diapers Blog Love Award.  This award is for readers and it might have been given to me because I lurk around her blog too much.  That is because we both have twins and I adore her illustrations.  Such a talented person.   I am very happy to accept the nomination and as part of this I need to do the following:

  • display the award
  • thank the person who nominated me
  • nominate 14 blogs who are readers of my blog
  • let the nominees know

So as a huge thank you for reading and following Timelessmama and the antics that we get up to, here are my nominees:

I love reading your blogs and am pleased that you found mine!

NZ vs Australia

I have lived in Sydney for nine years now and it just feels like home.  However, there are still some Australian nuances that I find funny.  Given that a lot of my readers are Australian;  this is not intended to offend anyone but hopefully to entertain:

  • There are currently estimated to be 600,000 New Zealanders living in Australia.  The reverse is estimated to be 52,000.  (If we all went back to NZ it would cause a housing shortage)
  • In Australia a “thong/s” is a pair of rubber flip-flop shoes that you might wear to the beach.  In NZ a “thong” is a g-string.  (I have never been able to get used to the signs outside nice restaurants that say, “no thongs”).
  • In Australia it is acceptable to put Pinot Noir in the refrigerator
  • In Australia you do not need to tell your neighbours that your dog has fleas.  (Fleas appear to be a pest that you and your neighbours will spend a lot of time fighting but it is not a crime, whereas in NZ you would be classed as a slack pet owner if your dog had fleas)
  • In NZ cooking is done outside  20% of the year, in Australia it is 80%
  • You cannot shoot, trap or poison a possum in Australia – they are protected.  In NZ all of the previous are classed as essential strategies in their eradication – possums carry bovine tuberculosis and are considered a pest
  • Cooling costs more than heating in Australia.  The reverse is true for NZ
  • A slide at the playground is called a “slippery dip” in Australia (do not ask me why)
  • Cockroaches in the house are part of life in Australia.  They do not mean you haven’t cleaned away all the crumbs

Hoo Roo or Ka kite


Urban or Rural Easter

Greetings from Bowral in the Southern Highlands of NSW.

We are having a beautiful Sunny (but cold) Easter here at the worlds most oversold holiday house.  It turned out to be completely hyped up on the website and totally over sold to us.  Why do I never take my own advice?  If it is available at Easter and a reasonable price then it is more than likely to be a dump.  This would be ok if it wasn’t for the horrendous damp smell that engulfs you whenever you walk in the front door or the lack of dryer and dishwasher.  Still we are out and about mostly so it doesn’t really matter.  Although we have said that we will be back in May but to stay at a five star hotel, even if it means sharing a room with the wriggling two.

George is having a great time but the Workaholic just brought him back in as apparently he doesn’t feel like a walk tonight.  That probably has something to do with it being 5c outside and his fresh haircut.

So on Saturday we met some friends from Sydney at the Burrawang Easter Market.  While we are trying to ignore our squealing two who want “lollies right now”, the Workaholic spies the Urbans (Keith and Nicole that is).  Why is it that their two are behaving beautifully at the fudge stall and ours are behaving like a couple of feral cats? Never mind.  It was lovely to see them out and about blending with the crowd and no one noticing them at all.

The visit to the Highlands is exciting for us as we are looking to purchase an investment property and we have decided this might just be the place.  We are looking at a property tomorrow but I have a feeling if it is suitable there will be a lot of work to do.  Still, I am looking for a job aren’t I.

Master and Miss have been riding on toy steam trains, trying out all the local playgrounds, eating chocolate and more chocolate and more chocolate, running through fields and getting a lot more use out of their wellies than they do in the city.

It’s strange though but I always look forward to my own bed and bathroom.  I have always been like that, exhausted after a break away because I miss my home comforts.

Happy Easter everybody


Emergency Room Ramblings

Oh my.  Another  – what a weekend!  I spent most of it in the ER at Royal North Shore Hospital with out of control migraines, dehydration and extreme nausea.  It started at 7am Saturday morning and ended last night at 6pm.  Boy I am glad that is over but now I have to see a neurologist next week to find out what is going on.

I have always suffered migraines since a teenager but they had lessoned off over the years until I became pregnant with the twins. From about Week 16 to Week 28 in pregnancy they came and went almost every 2-3 days, it was horrendous and none of the hard migraine drugs could be taken whilst pregnant.  They disappeared at Week 29 and reappeared again the night of the Casesarian and off and on for the first 12 months of the twins lives.  They had been very settled for the last 2 years until recently and I just know they are tied to hormonal issues.

I am really hoping that the neurology team at RNS will be able to start giving me preventative medicine instead of the usual Imigran and Aspirin advice.  It is truly debilitating with three year old twins not to be able to get out of bed due to vomiting, pounding headache and blurred vision and speech.

I drove them to preschool today but I got off the road as soon as I could.  The drugs at the hospital were very effective but horrendously strong and I have just been sleeping non-stop.  I was so lucky the Workaholic was available all weekend but the poor bloke has gone to work today absolutely shattered and behind in his work.  We did nearly send for one of our mothers for help but it would have taken at least 24 hours for them to get a flight and to get here.

So today I am resting and ignoring the nausea, sipping apple juice to keep hydrated and hoping for some answers from the RNS team next week.  I am also sporting some of the best track marks I have seen for a long time.  My arms, hands and feet are a mess, (bad veins to add to the mess at the moment). The poor registrar was beside herself after it took an hour to get a canula inserted!

I will say though that they have it right when they say the Royal North Shore Hospital is world class in emergency medicine.  My thanks to the team on over the weekend.