Playground Ponderings

Here is a list of the best fully fenced playgrounds on the Lower North Shore of Sydney and the things that I love and loathe about them.   You will see a theme about “no toilets” – so if you are a local council member please take note.

Willoughby Park – Willoughby

  • beautifully shaded and cool for summer (wear a jumper in winter though)
  • nice clean mulch as soft fall
  • lots of equipment and over a large area
  • parking is available all around the large park
  • too far to the toilets

Kesterton Park – North Sydney      Kesterton Park post

  • Soft fall – so they don’t get dirty
  • Four seater see saw, pretend play shop, slide, swings and climbing equipment
  • Toilets are close by but sometimes locked
  • Seating for adults
  • Shade and the gorgeous harbour view

John Roche Park  – Northbridge

  • free parking on side streets
  • view over the golf course
  • bike track inside the playground
  • lots of native plants and different play equipment
  • shaded in the afternoons (sun in the mornings is great in the winter)
  • no toilets

Memorial Park  – Mosman

  • the mulch is dark and damp, be prepared for very dirty children
  • lots of shade
  • picnic benches and tables
  • parking is available all around the park but  is difficult at peak times
  • no toilets

Reginald Street Park Playground  – Cremorne

  • coffee around the corner
  • no bins which is a pain
  • sand fall
  • good equipment
  • not a flat site so you have to watch the learner walkers
  • easy parking at both ends of the park
  • no toilets

Grasmere Childrens Playground – Cremorne/Neutral Bay

  • purpose built equipment for the Under 5’s
  • large park with nice green grass to have picnics
  • shade
  • parking all around the local streets
  • can be busy before lunchtime but there is lots of room to run about
  • gorgeous little bush walks over bridges and toadstools to sit on – wish I was a kid again
  • no toilets

Sirius Cove Playground – Mosman

  • sand fall
  • good equipment for a small park
  • doesn’t drain well after heavy rain so avoid in the height of winter
  • shaded but toilets a long way to walk to
  • dog park next door but beware the crazy doodle who wants to swim at the beach

Reid Park Playground – Mosman

  • a bit windy at times but beautiful location in Mosman Bay
  • lots of parking
  • sand fall
  • great equipment
  • dog park next door for the mad labradoodle
  • coffee if you want to walk around to the ferry cafe
  • toilets too far away at the ferry cafe

Curraghbeena Park Playground – Mosman

  • peaceful park – appears to be a little bit of a secret
  • swings, climbing equipment,  sand play area with a moving conveyor belt
  • no toilets
  • street parking is quite good
  • two picnic tables with seating
  • shady in the afternoon, but great for winter morning sunshine
  • you can sometimes hear the lions roar from Taronga Zoo

Cahill Park – Sophia Street Crows Nest

  • so cute, made for toddlers.
  • swings, cubby house, see saw, safari vehicle and the cutest frogs
  • parking mainly on busy side streets
  • no toilets
  • nice mulch for soft fall
  • seating around a lovely tree

Spit Reserve West – Mosman

  • brand new (August 2013)
  • toilets next door and a bin
  • small but cute
  • pirate ship themed with swings and bridges
  • mixture of sand, material and mulch soft fall
  • parking close by
  • a bit of road noise but you can get coffee over the road
  • nice view of the marina and swanky boats
  • one picnic table with bench seat
  • can get a little crowded