Four Starters……

I made a point of teaching the twins the four starters…

Hello, Goodbye, Please and Thank You.

This has made them quite chatty especially Miss who now says hello to anyone and everyone. She also expects them to tell her their name and she hers, then she will generally spill forth what happens to be on her mind at the moment.  Like the other day when she told a lady at the park that her son was fat. Oh dear,,,,,,,we had to have a conversation in the car as soon as possible after the event about why that was so wrong.  I am so hoping she understood my explanation.  I tried to keep it as simple as possible.  I also was grateful for the car being close by so I could hide.

I remember as a child telling a friends mother her house was dirty and getting into so much trouble. Master quite often informs me about mess;  in the library, in shops, at others houses and the list goes on.  I have taken to referring to their room in the morning as a midden (Scottish for mess), hoping that if they repeat this nobody will pay much attention.

Anyway, I have decided that we should all use hello, goodbye, please and thank you more often.

So this week I am saying:

Hello to the lovely new hardware and lawn in our back garden

Goodbye to my beautiful rosemary that could not be saved in the garden renovation

Please do not offer unsolicited parenting tips until you take a look in your own backyard first

Thank You to the lady at Number 23 (number changed) two streets over who overheard Miss’s request for an emergency bathroom stop and let us use hers.  Given we were ten minutes walk from home and the tree wasn’t looking like a good option, I am very thankful.


6 responses

  1. So cute! Can’t wait until mine are chatting away!

  2. Yes cute. And once they do the chatter will never stop. You will never be lonely!

  3. The four starters, I’ve never heard that but I like it. I’ve been trying to make a point of ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ with mine. And I like the ‘midden’ idea. I don’t speak Scottish, but I might have to borrow that 🙂

  4. Oh my word, I didn’t even think about those “harmless but actually offensive” things that kids innocently say, like someone being fat or someone’s house being messy. I think I will officially stop wishing that my little ones would just hurry up and talk more already!!! (Crazy how they pick up on everything, hey?)

  5. Hi Guys, Midden works well and yes they are absolute sponges. it can only improve…I hope!

  6. I’ve never heard of “four starters” before, but we’ve been working on the very same greetings at our place. Oh how kids can use these fantastic lessons to embarrass us! My mom will never let me forget how when I was 2-3 I proclaimed a woman was ugly. When my Dad tried to ignore me, I used my hands to turn his head to face the poor woman as I again proclaimed she was ugly. I’m certain that one or more of my own children will be sure to embarrass me equally.

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