Spring is here!

Spring is always a beautiful time in Sydney.  Usually the humidity hasn’t kicked in yet and the temperatures vary from about 21c to 32c. But best of all are the gorgeous spring flowers. There are plenty of Jacarandas starting to flower and Star Jasmine but one of the most showiest at the moment is the bottlebrush.  Actually it is a Callistemon and a genus of shrubs in the Myrtacaeae family.  It is widely found in Australia but you can find it all over the world.  I remember we had one in our garden in New Zealand and it was truly divine. It was nothing like the brilliant flowers that are out at the moment though. I feel that they are even better this year and I wonder if it was all the rain we had at the beginning of spring and now the sunshine that is making these truly deep reds.

I planted a little one about six years ago and even it is doing better than ever this year.  If anyone is interested it is a miniature called Callistemon – Little John and it is very cute.  Look  – it’s the Callistemon TWINS!

Callistemon Little John

Callistemon Little John


3 responses

  1. I was surprised to see something about spring since it’s full-on fall here. Good thing I paid attention in school haha! I had a star jasmine at my old home and I loved it! I’m hoping to plant one at my new house once I get a feel for the landscaping next spring and summer.

  2. Ah, spring! Hard for me to see since it is fall here! But anyway, I planted some tulip and crocus bulbs…hopefully they will come up when the weather warms around these parts 🙂

  3. I too forget you are in fall or autumn as we call it. Our Star Jasmine has a really strong scent. Especially last night when it was still 98F at 7pm. Looks like we are in for a hot summer!

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