Playground Frenzy

We have been really busy lately with our visits to new play grounds.  This week I am fortunate to have my parents visiting from New Zealand and so outside of day care hours, they have been entertaining the twins.

So, no new playgrounds this week.  But not to worry as I visit so many I usually have a stash of photos and notes stored up.

The one we found last week is divine.  It is a little community garden with a playground attached.

Corbett Playground and Manly Vale Community Garden

It is just so cute.  I think the photos will tell the tale for itself.  There is also a scooter track around the perimeter of the fully fenced playground.  There is a mixture of mulch and rubber soft fall (so nobody gets that dirty).   The only downside is that there are no toilets or rubbish bins.  My two explored the community garden as well, pointing out all the vegetables and fruits that they knew.  We even had some of them in our own garden at home.

If you are reading this Mothers Group it is well worth a visit.  Plenty of seating for us ladies and shade too.  There is on street parking outside the park but we had to walk about 150 meters as it was filling up.

The River and Boat

The River and Boat

Community Garden Corbett

Spinning Flowers

Spinning Flowers

Seesaw Corbett

Older Kids Climbing Frame

Older Kids Climbing Frame

Climbing House Corbett 2
Slides Corbett



4 responses

  1. I love your playground tours. They’re very different from what I know about in my city. I’m dreaming of the day I can take my babies to my childhood park, when the temperature drops from 90 degrees to something more manageable in a month or two.

  2. Oh I know. Summer can be too hot here as well if you can’t find a shaded area. Usually we are at the parks at 9am to 11am in the summer before it gets too hot. Thanks for the heads up on playground tours – I will continue with the good work!

  3. We have our northern beaches babywearing meet at this park! 🙂

  4. You have probably told me about it and I forgot. I thought it was awesome.

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