Baranbali Playground

Oh my…here is a beauty.  Baranbali Playground at the corner of Baranbali and Fromelles, Seaforth.

We went on Tuesday and the weather was divine and everybody seemed happy with this new park.  They also loved looking around the community garden next door and watching a local empty her food scraps into the giant compost bins.  The people of Seaforth should be very proud of this beautiful playground and their gorgeous garden.

The only downside is there are no toilets, however there are plenty of bushes outside the playground for this purpose.  The Workaholic probably won’t be keen to assist with these stops given he avoids all bushes on the golf course, (something to do with his innate fear of Australia’s native sliders).

Mothers Group – lets go tomorrow as the morning is going to be lovely.  Pick up your coffee on the way though and bring food as there are two gorgeous picnic tables.  Oh and Miss will be there and we all know how she loves to eat!!!



Seesaw and Twister

Seesaw and Twister

Climbing Frame

Rocking Motorbike

Rocking Motorbike



Climbing Baranbali


2 responses

  1. Looks like a beautiful playground. We went to a park recently with a similar pyramid climbing structure. My kids loved it!

  2. It was beautiful on Tuesday, just not yesterday whilst raining. So we went to an indoor centre instead. Anything to wear off the energy…

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