Dear Mr Jones…part two…

David Jones Department Store
Market Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Dear Mr Jones

You may remember me.  I am the lady with the terrible twins that jumped all over your beds about two months ago. If you do not remember you are lucky, if you do, then you will probably want to reach for your Valium about now.

I am not sure how getting a new bed installed became so difficult.  But I think it has something to do with your store management and processes.

We organised through your bedding department to have the bed and surround delivered yesterday.  The drivers were to call at 6.30am with an ETA.  We were up early and had taken the old bed down, no mean feat with two three year olds wanting to help.  The call never came and when my husband contacted your office at midday he was told they forgot to put the bed on the truck. They would arrange delivery on Saturday, today. Hmm,,,I thought. I was already to book into the Four Seasons for the night when my husband rang to say he would put the old bed back up for one night. Darn, not happy Jan.

I rang your bedding department and very nicely let them know what an inconvenience it was that the bed had not been delivered. They advised me they understood but it wasn’t their fault as they had sent the request for delivery to the truck company and what else could they do.

I wanted to say this:

Take responsibility for the mistake, give me a $500 gift card, and ensure that the bed is delivered with the utmost care to our house.

Instead I was too nice and agreed that these things do sometimes happen and accepted their “unsure” offer of a new mattress protector.

The bed arrived this morning along with two very jovial men who tramped mud all through my house. When my husband pointed out the large black marks on the mattress they declared it happened at the factory and do not clean them as they will only smudge and look worse. They suggested we contact the manufacturer and get them out to clean it.  Really?

Now, had I not had to clean dog poo off two pairs of shoes and the entire garage floor this morning I might have been a little more forgiving. But I am furious. If they had come Friday as they were told to then the cleaner would have cleaned up their mess after them, the twins would not have been outside stepping in dog poo, the dog would have been walked and wouldn’t have felt the need to poo on the lawn, the workaholic would have got to play golf, and I would have had the bedroom sorted before the weekend.

I know this is hard for you to grasp but I am well and truly p….d off.  I want my $500 gift card next week and you can s…k your mattress protector somewhere else.  By the way the mattress protector never arrived so that is why I know I can say this without causing you any physical harm.

Please take note.  You as the retail store are responsible for your supplier, the mode of delivery and the final feelings of your customer.  I know that the bed was purchased in a sale but your sign did not say that it would be damaged upon arrival.  Please ensure that you fully disclose all the possible outcomes so that the buyer is aware of what they may be purchasing.

Take another note.  You have 14 days to rectify the situation, to my satisfaction, or I will bring my entire Mothers Group and our entourage to your bedding department for a play date.

Third note.  Make the $500 voucher from your competitor across the road so I can see if their service is any better.

Last note.  As I sit here procuring this letter I cannot believe how incredibly comfortable this new bed is.  Thank you.

Yours sincerely

Timeless Mama

New Bed at Last

New Bed at Last


5 responses

  1. Oh no! Glad it finally made it your way though!!

  2. What a nightmare! I would be furious too!

  3. That is infuriating. They can take their mattress and stuff it (pun?)! I’m sorry you had to go through that.

  4. Loved the funny part at the end, after your rant, where you sheepishly admit that the bed is really comfortable!

  5. You go girl! Glad you finally have a comfortable bed. All you wanted was for someone to do their job and do it well! Glad it all worked out…and hopefully they appreciated their customer with providing a gift card! 🙂

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