Legal Drugs this Time

Oh my oh my.  Today was my second visit to a neurologist about my migraines.  The first was at the public hospital with a person called a registrar who admitted he did not know anything about migraines.  This was a free visit (or paid by the taxpayer visit, as we like to call it in Australia).  The visit today was a referral from this kind registrar to a private neurologist who does know something about migraines.  For this privilege I paid $440 of which $220 is recoverable from the taxpayers funded scheme, which we refer to as Medicare.  However, if a service is partially covered by Medicare you are not allowed to claim any of the out of pocket cost through your private health care.  I still can’t quite understand why, but that is how it is in Australia.

How long winded is this getting?

I got the pathology done and then visited the local pharmacy to fill the prescriptions I was given.  I now have in the cupboard the following drugs, partially funded by Medicare. Remember how I said if Medicare partially pays for something you are not allowed to claim it on your private health.  This is starting to sound like an Australian Health Public Policy lecture!

  • maxolon
  • maxalt
  • indocid
  • mersyndol forte
  • arthrexin
  • bioceuticals migraine care

These are all alternatives or additions to the aspirin, imigran, panadol, and neurofen that I currently use.

At some point I think the whole thing got quite ridiculous and I will sit down when I am not so tired and go through her explicit instructions on where to start.  I will then work out the next best course of drug action so when the next one hits I know what I am doing.  I am so hoping by being so prepared that one will never come!





2 responses

  1. Wow, looks intimidating, but hope something works!

  2. Are these all different option to try? I have great success with an injectable, Imitrex Stat. Keeps me out of the ERs here in the states! Hope these help allowing you to enjoy the twins! 🙂

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