To Wrap or Unwrap

Safe Wrapping Guidelines

I loved wrapping.  It worked for us and we did it fully until they started to roll then we slowly introduced them to safe sleeping bags. It is not for everybody but I believe this is one of the reasons I was able to teach self settling so early on.  You must remember to always take advice from an expert when swaddling to ensure that you are following “safe sleeping guidelines”.

Lately I have been thinking about how often I hear that babies don’t like being wrapped or that they get out of them, so I thought I would search for something on you tube about swaddling babies.  We also firmly believed that the only reason someone got an arm out was because the parent had performed a “bad wrap”. There was much competition and hilarity between us.

This morning I asked the Workaholic if he could remember how to wrap. The answer, “no, probably not”. So if he happens to pick up this post he might like to have a look at the Royal Hospital for Children Melbourne recommendation video just to refresh his memory too!

Have a lovely restful Sunday.

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Click once a day if you really like this blog




3 responses

  1. Ahh! I wish you could help me with my babies. They cannot sleep without being swaddled but they get out every night, especially my boy.

  2. I remember laughing so hard seeing my twins wrapped like a burrito or in our country “lumpia” (spring rolls)… so cute! but I really don’t know how they get out of it 🙂 so I decided to unwrap ^_^

  3. For us it was all about getting the turns nice and firm around the upper body and arms. Using a nice cotton stretchy wrap is best as you can pull it firmly into place.

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