A Trip Down Memory Lane Again

Back to the Highlands we went again yesterday to visit more open homes.  I am getting a bit concerned that I am attracting dope heads or that maybe there are just a lot of them in the Highlands.  Another Saturday, another open home, and another man with a strong aroma of weed. The Workaholic believes I just have the most sensitive nose in Australia and that it really is just bad aftershave that I can smell. Well, I would like to believe that, but I doubt it.

We trawled our way through three houses plus a fourth, the same one we visited last week.  It really is a pain looking at property because you cannot see all the problems in one half hour visit. The other frustrating thing is that you need to remind yourself no matter what your budget there is no such thing as the perfect property. But that is what we would all like right?  You have to have foresight, stamina, luck, and low levels of anxiety to strike it lucky.

You will be pleased to know at our second viewing that we didn’t run into the same aromatic man as last week. But the same signs were there;  “watch the step” and “do not use the toilet”. Lucky for me I can read. Master however cannot.  While we are trying to discuss ceilings with the agent, Master appears in the hall with his trousers and knickers around his knees.  “Daddy, I need some help”, he says.  The agent starts to laugh, “Master obviously can’t read my signs”. The Workaholic is horrified and they quickly finish what they need to in the bathroom and we vacate in a hurry.

Note to self:  DO NOT take Master to bathroom renovation centre where there might be unplumbed toilets on show.

It is still uncanny that this house is so like my best friends from school.  Everything about it, even the long garden that stretches for miles is very similar.  And that familiar smell of an old house is still lingering…

Maybe this is the property, maybe not.  Am I up for the challenge of doing two new bathrooms, fixing rotten windows, new carpet, painting walls, planting half an acre successfully, and the worst part having to clean every last inch of the kitchen/dining.  All that while living 90 minutes away and caring for two three year olds…

If you want to find out,  continue reading this blog…because I think life as I know it is about to take a turn.

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Click once a day if you really like this blog





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  1. Ha! Too funny about the toilet. Kids 🙂

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