Trip Down Memory Lane!

Sometimes I have flashbacks to my youth.  Saturday was one of those days.  We drove  90 minutes to the Southern Highlands to look at an open home.  Miss was cranky from the moment we left Sydney and it was a bit of a trawl to find things to entertain her.  Finally I found some emergency vehicle stickers (do not ask) and hoped that they would share them.   Lucky for us it worked.

We dutifully obeyed the signs at the front door that said  “please remove shoes”.  This was no mean feat when Miss was wearing zip up boots and Master was a struggle to get shoes on in the first place.  There was also a notice in the bathroom requesting no one use the loo.  Who would use a loo at an open home?  Obviously somebody.  There was also a sign to “watch the step” and I began to think about my best friends house when we were growing up.  This house was the same 1920 era with the same wide hallways, small bathroom and kitchen, and added on sun room with the step (that I always tripped over). It even smelt the same and I wondered if that was the age of the house, the carpet, or the smoke from the fire.  It wasn’t an unpleasant smell at all,  just very familiar and comforting.

The Workaholic had put shoes back on the twins and was letting them go crazy in the half acre backyard.  I was still nosing around the house reminiscing, when I noticed a guy standing in the doorway staring out at the garden.  He said, “wow, cool garden”.  I thought nothing of it as I too thought it was sensational even though it needed a lot of work.  But then as I walked past him I realised that he probably was actually seeing a lot more than the half acre I could see.  I am not sure how much marijuana he had smoked before he came to the open home but I almost felt dizzy with the aroma.  I chuckled as I told the Workaholic who replied, “that was the guy who didn’t take his shoes off “!  Perhaps reading was difficult under the influence.  I wonder if he used the loo…and tripped over the step…

I never tried any illicit drugs at high school but I did live in a wealthy farming area and plenty of my classmates did.  My decision never to try was based on the same decisions I make today about recreational drugs.  I need to have a clear head and my mind plays enough tricks on me without fueling it more.  It was not unusual for a classmates brother to grow plants at the back of the hay barn or even in their mothers greenhouse.  One mother of the 80’s was obviously blind to her child cultivating tomato plants at the back of her shed!  The open home guy was about my age and I wondered whether the dabblers of my high school days were still partaking now that they were middle aged.  I couldn’t help but feel a little old but at the same time I enjoyed the nostalgia of the moment.

Today I went to the garden to check my tomatoes and had another chuckle.  Couldn’t resist the photo.  No illicit growth here yet, just a blue butterfly placed there by Master to scare away the birds!

Yes they are tomatoes!

Yes they are tomatoes!



2 responses

  1. Ha. That butterfly is awesome–does almost look hallucinated.

  2. Wait there’s more to follow. We were back in the Highlands today…

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