Multiple Mutterings

So, this week I have indirectly been told that my twins should not be watching any television at all as it is just rubbish.  I have indirectly been informed that their behaviour on one occasion may have been naughty and not acceptable.

Now on both of these subjects I was left feeling a bit miffed as I do try to limit screen time and I do try to control their exuberance in public.  But you try catching two excited three year olds bent on having a great time.

I was happy to visit Multi Group on Wednesday where I got lots of empathy and sympathy for my tales of woe,  and I felt much better.  I now know that I am doing my best in tricky situations.  And that having two or more at the same development level can be a challenge.

I am so happy and blessed that my children are outgoing, cheerful, throw few tantrums and are excited about life.  And if they sometimes get off the leash, so to speak, and run a bit rampant then that is ok too. It is just part of growing up.  Note to self:  I must learn not to take to heart the things that people may say.  I am learning to grow too.

Happy Mothers Day for Sunday.




4 responses

  1. Love the positive support you received from your Multi Group! Young children will be exactly that, young children! Some days will be sheer joy, others will leave you thinking, what happened while they were sleeping!?! Keep up the great work as you enjoy your precious blessings! 🙂

  2. I will and thank you

  3. If you have twin girls who throw limited temper tantrums then I say do not let anyone tell you what you should or should not be doing! 🙂 Your stories are always so cute!

  4. Absolutely. They are b/g which might mean less tantrums anyway! Thanks for the support.

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