Migraine Memories

Well, last week my general practitioner (GP) finally got the Registrar’s report on my migraines.  Now this registrar of neurology was a very nice man but I wasn’t feeling confident when he advised me that he didn’t know much about migraines.  And his report pretty much reiterated that it seems.  I am to take 800mg of Ibuprofen twice daily for the first five days of my period and this will hopefully stop a migraine eventuating.  I will dutifully to do this and hope it works.

Better news though.  This registrar was at the public hospital and he kindly referred me to someone privately who does know about migraines and I have managed to jump the queue for an appointment on the 27 May.  I would really like to have something in place before we take a winter holiday.  The island we are going to does not have the facilities or drugs required to deal with an acute attack.

The more I read and research migraine the more I have learnt about the struggle to find a cure.  Currently there is no cure and this is quite a scary thing for me.  I am still dealing with some back trouble from my  pregnancy and my lovely chiropractor has suggested I try acupuncture.  I am off there next Thursday to try that.

And to top it all off I had another attack last Sunday but managed it well at home, thank goodness.  I did feel bad that the Workaholic had the twins all day but they all had a good time.  Little Miss came upstairs a few times to sit with me and tell me about all the goings on downstairs.  She told me how yummy their dinner was and that Daddy was a good cook.  He later told me she didn’t eat any of her dinner.  Bless her, she knows the art of how to make people feel better already at the age of 3.


3 responses

  1. Oh no, migraines are the worst!! Hope they go away soon!

  2. How sweet of your daughter. Clearly she was concerned. Hope you can find something that works soon.

  3. Thanks guys. Yes it is tough finding something that works, trial and error I think.

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