Peter Rabbit visits…

Oh the joys of our first Australian vegetable garden.  It has taken us 7 years to get around to building this garden and I must say the Workaholic has made a fantastic job.  It is located along our front fence in full sun and at a height that I don’t have to bend down to look after it.  We had to allow space for the water meter so he has built a hinged deck over the top of it so the water reader can lift it up to take his reading.  The best part about a deck  is all the people that the twins meet hanging over the fence and telling anyone who will listen about our vegetable garden.

Today was the long awaited, “see how the carrots are going”, day.  So we all followed the Workaholic to the front garden as he waved his trowel in glee.  This is what we dug up today.


They actually look quite sizeable in this snap, but…this is what they look like next to a teacup. Oh dear, a little on the small side I think!

Teacup Carrotts


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