Dear Mr Jones…

David Jones Department Store
Market Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Dear Mr Jones

I am writing to congratulate you on your new playground for children.  My twins thoroughly enjoyed exploring the numerous beds that you had set up in your formal showroom on Saturday.  It was marvellous how they were set up so close to each other so they could run on beds the length of the showroom.  The only problem was the last bed in the line up required quite an athletic jump, but easily managed by Master Three.

They also loved the children’s section where they threw cushions to each other and also to their imaginary friends.  This meant that the Workaholic had to get off his phone and rescue cushions from various positions in the showroom.  Miss Three also loved hopping into a pre-made princess single bed complete with cushions and beautiful adornments.  It turns out that her shoes she left on while hopping under the covers were a perfect match for the quilt cover.

Whilst this was happening I was trying to discuss a new bed for Timeless Mama and the Workaholic.  I managed to be distracted enough by the twins appalling behaviour, to be talked into doing so.  However, I am grateful that you provided me with a detailed receipt so that when I got home I knew what I had bought.  It appears that we bought a new bed and surround for a remarkable discount, (I do remember bartering down the surround at some point).  So, thank you for that.  But I do not remember when it will be delivered so would appreciate a phone call a few days before said delivery.

I will be sure to pass on to my mothers group and to my blog followers how great your new playground is but could you please install a children’s bathroom on the same floor as all that bouncing causes little bladders to explode regularly (I would hate to mess up the beds).

One last note.  To all those people who are ever considering buying a mattress from the floor stock  of a bedding store please remember whose feet may have jumped all over it!  You may prefer to order from their factory.

Yours sincerely
Timeless Mama





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  1. Ha! Well, sounds like the kids had fun! Glad you ended up with a discount 🙂

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