Readers Award (Thank You, Thank Me)


Reader Blog Award


I am always excited when someone starts reading my blog.  This week I am excited because one of my fellow twin bloggers, Sparrow, has nominated me for the Game of Diapers Blog Love Award.  This award is for readers and it might have been given to me because I lurk around her blog too much.  That is because we both have twins and I adore her illustrations.  Such a talented person.   I am very happy to accept the nomination and as part of this I need to do the following:

  • display the award
  • thank the person who nominated me
  • nominate 14 blogs who are readers of my blog
  • let the nominees know

So as a huge thank you for reading and following Timelessmama and the antics that we get up to, here are my nominees:

I love reading your blogs and am pleased that you found mine!


One response

  1. Oh, yay!! Spreading the blog love 🙂 Looking forward to checking out some of the other blogs you’re nominated!

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