NZ vs Australia

I have lived in Sydney for nine years now and it just feels like home.  However, there are still some Australian nuances that I find funny.  Given that a lot of my readers are Australian;  this is not intended to offend anyone but hopefully to entertain:

  • There are currently estimated to be 600,000 New Zealanders living in Australia.  The reverse is estimated to be 52,000.  (If we all went back to NZ it would cause a housing shortage)
  • In Australia a “thong/s” is a pair of rubber flip-flop shoes that you might wear to the beach.  In NZ a “thong” is a g-string.  (I have never been able to get used to the signs outside nice restaurants that say, “no thongs”).
  • In Australia it is acceptable to put Pinot Noir in the refrigerator
  • In Australia you do not need to tell your neighbours that your dog has fleas.  (Fleas appear to be a pest that you and your neighbours will spend a lot of time fighting but it is not a crime, whereas in NZ you would be classed as a slack pet owner if your dog had fleas)
  • In NZ cooking is done outside  20% of the year, in Australia it is 80%
  • You cannot shoot, trap or poison a possum in Australia – they are protected.  In NZ all of the previous are classed as essential strategies in their eradication – possums carry bovine tuberculosis and are considered a pest
  • Cooling costs more than heating in Australia.  The reverse is true for NZ
  • A slide at the playground is called a “slippery dip” in Australia (do not ask me why)
  • Cockroaches in the house are part of life in Australia.  They do not mean you haven’t cleaned away all the crumbs

Hoo Roo or Ka kite



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