Urban or Rural Easter

Greetings from Bowral in the Southern Highlands of NSW.

We are having a beautiful Sunny (but cold) Easter here at the worlds most oversold holiday house.  It turned out to be completely hyped up on the website and totally over sold to us.  Why do I never take my own advice?  If it is available at Easter and a reasonable price then it is more than likely to be a dump.  This would be ok if it wasn’t for the horrendous damp smell that engulfs you whenever you walk in the front door or the lack of dryer and dishwasher.  Still we are out and about mostly so it doesn’t really matter.  Although we have said that we will be back in May but to stay at a five star hotel, even if it means sharing a room with the wriggling two.

George is having a great time but the Workaholic just brought him back in as apparently he doesn’t feel like a walk tonight.  That probably has something to do with it being 5c outside and his fresh haircut.

So on Saturday we met some friends from Sydney at the Burrawang Easter Market.  While we are trying to ignore our squealing two who want “lollies right now”, the Workaholic spies the Urbans (Keith and Nicole that is).  Why is it that their two are behaving beautifully at the fudge stall and ours are behaving like a couple of feral cats? Never mind.  It was lovely to see them out and about blending with the crowd and no one noticing them at all.

The visit to the Highlands is exciting for us as we are looking to purchase an investment property and we have decided this might just be the place.  We are looking at a property tomorrow but I have a feeling if it is suitable there will be a lot of work to do.  Still, I am looking for a job aren’t I.

Master and Miss have been riding on toy steam trains, trying out all the local playgrounds, eating chocolate and more chocolate and more chocolate, running through fields and getting a lot more use out of their wellies than they do in the city.

It’s strange though but I always look forward to my own bed and bathroom.  I have always been like that, exhausted after a break away because I miss my home comforts.

Happy Easter everybody



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