Emergency Room Ramblings

Oh my.  Another  – what a weekend!  I spent most of it in the ER at Royal North Shore Hospital with out of control migraines, dehydration and extreme nausea.  It started at 7am Saturday morning and ended last night at 6pm.  Boy I am glad that is over but now I have to see a neurologist next week to find out what is going on.

I have always suffered migraines since a teenager but they had lessoned off over the years until I became pregnant with the twins. From about Week 16 to Week 28 in pregnancy they came and went almost every 2-3 days, it was horrendous and none of the hard migraine drugs could be taken whilst pregnant.  They disappeared at Week 29 and reappeared again the night of the Casesarian and off and on for the first 12 months of the twins lives.  They had been very settled for the last 2 years until recently and I just know they are tied to hormonal issues.

I am really hoping that the neurology team at RNS will be able to start giving me preventative medicine instead of the usual Imigran and Aspirin advice.  It is truly debilitating with three year old twins not to be able to get out of bed due to vomiting, pounding headache and blurred vision and speech.

I drove them to preschool today but I got off the road as soon as I could.  The drugs at the hospital were very effective but horrendously strong and I have just been sleeping non-stop.  I was so lucky the Workaholic was available all weekend but the poor bloke has gone to work today absolutely shattered and behind in his work.  We did nearly send for one of our mothers for help but it would have taken at least 24 hours for them to get a flight and to get here.

So today I am resting and ignoring the nausea, sipping apple juice to keep hydrated and hoping for some answers from the RNS team next week.  I am also sporting some of the best track marks I have seen for a long time.  My arms, hands and feet are a mess, (bad veins to add to the mess at the moment). The poor registrar was beside herself after it took an hour to get a canula inserted!

I will say though that they have it right when they say the Royal North Shore Hospital is world class in emergency medicine.  My thanks to the team on over the weekend.



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  1. Rest and I pray your migraines subside! When you see your Neurologist, I’m sure he’ll recommend one of the many drugs to control your migraines. I too suffer from these and have found success with Imitrix Stat. The ER would administer and within one hour, I was like a new person. My neuro prescribed so I can take this at home. Talk about blessings!

  2. Thank you so much. I have made a note to ask about Imitrix Stat. I am resting as much as I can and have an appointment with Neuro and GP on Thursday.

  3. Oh dear, that sounds awful! I really hope the doctors get to the bottom of it soon.

  4. I hope they find the solution soon! My husband has migraines occasionally and they’re frightening. I can only imagine what you went through.

  5. Thanks so much. It is nice to have support. The follow up to Emergency Room Ramblings is on its way…

  6. I’m so sorry you’ve began to struggle more with migraines. I’ve always had them to a severe degree, but became chronic during my second pregnancy. Like yours, the increase definitely seemed hormone related and after a few years of monthly hospitalizations, I had a total hysterectomy (I had already had a tubal ligation). I wasn’t cured by any means – I’m still chronic in fact – but became better able to treat the pain at home. I hope you are prescribed a good preventative medication and find some real relief! Take care!

  7. Thanks for the support. I am trying acupuncture next week as had another bad weekend, but not the ER thank goodness. I now have scored a private neurologist appointment on the 27 May. In the meantime I am hanging in there.

  8. Oh my goodness, what a terrible ordeal. I will say a prayer for you and your doctors. Blessings to you.

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