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Greetings Everybody

What a hectic weekend.  I’m not sure what happened to Saturday but Sunday was busy.

The Workaholic was in a three man kayak race for charity.  His leg of the race was the third,  from our local beach to the finish, a few bays around.  We also fitted in breakfast out, swimming lessons, dog to the park and a trip to the hardware store, phew.  But best of all I got an hours nap on my own, somewhere amongst all the chaos!

But back to why I started this post.  I have recently become a member of Mommy Hot Spot, which I am very excited about.  Mommy Hot Spot brings together mothers from all over the world and enables us to share ideas about being mommies/mummies.  There is a Daddy’s corner too which is well worth checking out.

Their badge is over on the right hand side bar for future reference.  If you like my blog you can vote everyday if you wish.  But only once a day from each IP address please. When you click to vote you will be taken to the Mommy Hot Spot page and then you can check out all the latest news at the same time.

Hope you all had great weekends.




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