Thursday’s Twin Twitter

It was so completely raining cats and dogs in Sydney  this morning so the trek to preschool was anticipated to be a disaster (only by me of course). Much excitement was to be had with gumboots donned and umbrellas being lashed about in the back seat like something out of a Zorro film.  (Who remembers Zorro?)

Then the threat had to come (from me of course). If the ladybird and Thomas the Tank Engine umbrellas did not stay still then they would be confiscated and put in the boot. That included poking me in the head, poking themselves or each other, oh, and the dog.  Poor George.  And, “gumboots must not be worn in preschool so you WILL change over to your shoes when we get there”.  This was a directive rather than anything else, said in my very best serious tone.  All agreed to comply instantly as umbrellas and gumboots are  pre-schooler fashion accessories and nobody wants to lose that privilege.  Everything went amazingly smoothly.  Don’t get me wrong, I love “smooth”.  But it seems to me that there are days when you think everything is going to go well and it inevitably doesn’t.  Then there are the days like today where a difficult transition is handled by the twiddling two with much decorum.  The hardest thing about raising children is not knowing what is going to happen next and never really being able to prepare yourself fully for it!

Adding to the mix this morning were the dress up clothes left on the couch last night (not mine).  The Workaholic arrived home late from a conference in Victoria with clothing from a Hawaiian night (as you do!).  By the time I ventured downstairs both were ensconced in full regalia.  So cute but not as cute as George.  I used to dress my cat when I was three so why not the dog.  We didn’t take him to pre-school this morning looking like that of course, but probably only because the dress ups would have got horribly wet.  Poor George! (again…)

Gee, do I look like a Hawaiian? I was Australian last time I looked!

Gee, do I look like a Hawaiian? I was Australian last time I looked!


3 responses

  1. Priceless look on George’s face! 🙂

  2. Such a beautiful pup 🙂 I remember being a kid and feeling so happy and excited about rain. At what point do we lose that? Great post.

  3. I think he was worried that the fedora might be added next!

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