Toy Libraries

Most of my friends in New Zealand  have grown up children or teenagers and so are past toys.  Well, actually I have been told that the toys just get smaller and more expensive as they get older, i.e. iphones, i-anythings

But I do have a few that frequented toy libraries when the children were younger.  I always thought the toys that they got were fantastic and for a small fee you could get a really large toy for a week.  Given that kids have a short attention span and get bored easily with their toys it was a no brainer that you would hire the bigger toys.

So I dutifully joined one of my local libraries and took the twins for their first visit.  Of course they thought it was a play group and tried out all the toys which the owners didn’t seem to mind.  I soon discovered that my idea of getting them to take turns choosing a toy each week wasn’t going to work.  There were several meltdowns over whose turn it was before I started going on days they were at preschool.

I have been on a mission to find great puzzles as Little Miss in particular loves them.  Pre-school also told me that puzzles help them with learning to space out words when they write (who would have thought).  At the toy library I go to they have drawers of jigsaws and they are truly beautiful.  Lovely wooden colourful puzzles, some that are two layered and even three layered.  I have taken a few photos of my latest purchases.  For about $2-3 rental each they are remarkable value for money and next week I can go and get some different ones.  So makes sense to me. The train puzzle in the image below is $27 retail.  Buying toys for twins can be an exceedingly expensive process.

I am not sure if those of you in the other Hemisphere have access to toy libraries but if you do check them out.  You might be amazed at what you find.

 Bold Brainteasers

Bold Brainteasers


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