Why Didn’t Somebody Tell Me?

The last few days it has been tummy bugs and colds all round for us.  So far Master and I have managed to sidestep the bug but Miss hasn’t been so lucky.  She recovered beautifully within 24 hours though.  The Workaholic didn’t get off so lightly.   He had to work from home yesterday so he didn’t spread it through the office (and rushing to the bathroom all day isn’t a good work look). Today he looks pale but is feeling better and trotted dutifully off to work this morning.

Anyway, it brought back memories of what it was like when the twins both had gastro when they were 8 months old.  The Workaholic was away on a conference but luckily I didn’t get it until he got home.  It was a bonus to have two cots so I could put two in one cot while I changed bedding in the other. Then I could leave one in the clean cot while I bathed the other at 2am.  I then started thinking about all the baby things that I wish I had been told about as soon as the twins were born.

Here is a list of what I wish I knew from day one:

  • Learn to wrap well and use 120cm x 120cm cotton stretchy wraps
  • Buy two of the same cuddlies each.  I had to send to London for a 2nd one for Master. You have a clean one while one is in the wash
  • Buy different coloured pacifiers (dummies) for each twin then you never mix them up
  • Watch the DBL (Dunstan Baby Language) video and watch out for the neh (naa) and the owh.  It was easy to hear them.  Made life a lot easier
  • Have different coloured wash cloths for the bath
  • Get two bath supports so you can use the family bath rather than lifting and emptying heavy baby baths
  • Two different coloured bowls for feeding solids so you know how much each has eaten
  • Put different coloured spots on milk bottles so you know who they belong to
  • Keep a diary of feeds, sleeps and bathroom habits. 

Another week nearly at an end.  I think we will all need a low key weekend to recharge our batteries.