Happy St Patrick’s Day

To all the Irish, happy St Patrick’s Day.  We attended our good friends St Patrick’s Day party on Saturday night.  It was great fun as all Irish events are.  The band was fabulous and had everybody joining in with singing and drum beating. There was plenty of Guinness and Kilkenny to go around and the weather was fantastic.  I still have my shamrock tattoo on my hand.  The Workaholic’s wore off over the weekend – lucky because it was in the middle of his forehead.


Whenever we attend a party in this area it seems to be that  at least half the guests are ex-pats and I include inter-state in that segment.  Saturday night was no exception.  There were Greeks, New Zealanders, English, Scottish, Irish, South Africans, Tasmanians, Queenslanders and that was just the people that I met.  So we got to have a whinge about all the Australian things that annoy us.  The biggest whinge on Saturday night appeared to be the cost of a sitter so guests could get to the party.

This is definitely a problem for all ex-pats and a topic that we think we  know a lot about and spend far too much time debating. If we didn’t pay the fees though we wouldn’t go anywhere and that  defeats the purpose of living in another country doesn’t it?  Take for example a wedding that we have been invited to.  It happens to be on a pre-school day so we can go to the wedding then pick up the twins and bring them home to the sitter who can do dinner, bed, bath while we go back to the reception (probably late).  Its an expensive process  if you have to buy a new dress, gift and childcare, but it is just what you have to do to feel part of society.

I think the best idea is to find a sitter who is reliable and never give his/her number to anybody else.  That also was part of the conversation at the party.  The fear of losing a sitter and how awful we feel that we don’t share numbers very often.  It certainly takes a special person to do the nighttime routine for my two.  They are constantly riling each other up and sometimes I am so wet during the bath that I might as well get in and join them.  The sitter we have is great and I don’t know what we would do without her.

So sorry,  no numbers today folks!  You will have to ask me when I am in a more generous ex-pat mood!