Two Little Froggies

On Sunday Master and Miss started their new swimming class.  They are now Tadpoles having graduated from the toddler class.  This really means that neither of us has to get in the pool with them any longer. Yippee for us!

It does mean though that they must wear swim caps and goggles and listen to everything that their new instructor says.  Apparently this was easy for them without us in the pool!  I marvelled that they even got out of the change room let alone into the pool without us.  However, the Workaholic did realise half way through the lesson that he had put their goggles on upside down.

Did I feel unwanted?  A little but most of me was extremely proud of their new found independence.  And I will not miss having to get in the pool at 8.30am on a Sunday morning.  Hark back to last Mothers Day when I was the only woman in the pool amongst a dozen dads.  All the other mummies were probably still in bed having their breakfast on a tray.  It is my turn this year…anybody listening.