The Labradoodle – A family’s best friend

Aloha George

Aloha George


This is the story of our first born.  George arrived in our lives aged 8 weeks in March 2009.  He was so gorgeous.  Just a bundle of fluff and cheekiness.  We picked him up at the airport and the first thing he did when he got home was to pee on my new carpet.  He was forgiven immediately, how could you not, he was just so cute.

We raised George like a child, joined the early morning dog walking ranks, made friends at the dog park and tried to teach him manners.  He acted like a spoilt brat, nearly strangled himself in excitement on early morning walks, ran off with other dogs balls at the park and had absolutely no manners, for the first two years anyway.  Dog owners are very understanding people and we now have a babysitter for the twins out of it.

Then Master and Miss came along.  George was very protective from day one.  If anyone picked up a twin  he would harass them until they put them down.  They were his babies and he wanted to make sure they were never out of his sight.  He hated the baby gates as it also kept him out of the lounge and bathrooms. But he loved going out for walks with the pram.  He finally had to stop racing everywhere and learn to walk quietly beside the pram.  He only stole one baby toy and took it out onto the lawn with a very forlorn look.  His way of saying hey, don’t forget about me.  Dogs have this magic innateness that tells them which toys are theirs and which are not.

He is now relegated to the trunk of the SUV instead of the back seat.  But he does have his own air conditioning.  He also gets to snoop in everyones bags including groceries.  But just getting out and about with the family is exciting for him.  He hates been left at home and our neighbours hate it too.  The howling can get a bit much sometimes.

Master and Miss love chasing him around with a ball.  They get a bit frustrated when he won’t give it back and even though there are two of them they still cannot corner him.  He runs like the wind and sidesteps so well he really should apply to join the All Blacks!  Trouble is he comes from Adelaide so AFL would probably be more his thing.

Last week the twins and I took him to the groomer for a summer cut.  There was lots of excitement about leaving George there and would he have a nice day and would he make some new friends.  “Just like being at daycare”, I explained to them.  “Would he do some painting”? “What would be for his lunch”?  The usual three year old questions.

This morning George and I went to the park after pre-school drop off and he ran like the wind while I fired off tennis balls with the ball thrower.  Then he nearly drank the tap dry, greeted some friends, and then collapsed in the back of the car for a nice long sleep.  His morning was ending with a lovely nap while mine was just beginning.  Am I feeling a little jealous!

We all love George, a family’s best friend!