I’m feeling confident…

OK, so it is 10.30am and I have done the following:

  • dropped twins at pre-school
  • walked dog at beach
  • caught up on local beach gossip (a cafe has been shut down by council because a local reported them for having more than their allowed 35 people)
  • cleaned up mess from breakfast including vacuuming and wiping all sticky finger marks that I could find
  • hung out two loads of washing
  • watered the lawn
  • made all the beds
  • balanced the books,,,,,haha
  • sorted dinner for this evening and organised everything for the Workaholic to do bed/bath (he has promised to be home at 6pm as I have a meeting).
  • fiddled with my assignment

I am feeling confident that in todays cooler 24C (75F) and sea breeze that my washing will be quietly dried.  Unlike yesterdays 35C (95F) that dried it to a crisp after only two hours on the line.

I am feeling confident that I will get most of my assignment ready for submission today.

I am feeling confident that my twins are happy as they went off to preschool with huge smiles on their faces.

I am feeling confident that the stains in Masters shorts will come out with three oxy soaks and two washes in the machine (note:  do not take him to art play in light coloured shorts).

I am feeling confident that Charlottes Law  will get the number of signatures it needs for the federal government to sit up and take note.  This story is so sad that it brings tears to my eyes.  As a New Zealander I grew up knowing of the success of Charlotte and Rachel Hunter.  Let’s do our best to make sure this doesn’t happen again.