Bye bye baby stuff

Yesterday I sold my double buggy to a local family.  It was the last of our baby stuff to go and the Workaholic has already been marvelling at how much room there now is in the garage.  I must admit it is easier to get to the cupboards.  Now there are only three trikes and a water play pit in the way.

Master was most upset when he realised we were leaving it with the lady.  He tried to sit in it and stage a protest.  The Workaholic had to finally carry him to the car kicking and yelling about the pram.  The sobs finally died down until we got home and he noticed it was not in the garage and the protest started again.  It is strange given that they haven’t been for a ride in it for over six months.

I know how he feels though.  For me it was a best nostalgic too.  Where did my babies go?   They have been replaced with  gorgeous super active pre-schoolers.  It is time for us all to take the next step!