Riding on Camels!

We made a visit yesterday to one of my favourite kids shops.   While driving home I spied children riding camels on a vacant section.  The section also had lots of balloons tied to the fences.  Mistake or not,  I got excited about camels and the Workaholic turned the car around.  “Want to ride on the camels kids?”  They are 3, of course they did.

It was the Daar Ibn Abbas & Daar Aisha Shariah College Family Open Day and I think I may have been under dressed but the Workaholic is keen to find out more.  No problem a young lad tells us when we ask about the camels.  The camels are ready for riding.

Master decides he prefers the huge jumping castles until he discovers how hot the rubber is.  But he has missed getting on a camel and cries when they don’t stop (even after he stands in the middle of them and yells STOP at the top of his voice).  He had to wait his turn.  So the Workaholic got two rides on these most gracious creatures.

Master informs me that the camels were smelly – “pooh wee” and Miss said they had blue teeth (apparently they were green).  A man chases after us when we leave to make sure we have had a free sausage from the BBQ.  Who would have thought there would be camels involved on a Sunday visit to a shopping mall.  What fun.  I recommend camel riding, even though I didn’t partake (this time)!