We are Three

The twins turned three today!  This is how the day went.

Great excitement over gifts.  Labradoodle not happy about toy electric guitar.

Breakfast at our favourite cafe.  Master inconsolable after water spilt over his trousers.  Change of trousers does nothing to rescue the situation.   I decide our trip to the MCA will be postponed until Friday when we are all in a better mood.

We try bribery at cupcake shop.  Cupcake shop not open until 9.00am.  Master tries to enter cupcake shop behind a tradesman.

Back to cupcake shop but ovens are not working so purchase six cake pops instead.

Twins fighting in street over who carries cake pop box.

Multi play group.  Great fun and no incidents.

Master and Miss need a wee half way between play group and car park.  Split decision means two wees on the grass.  Master wants to do a plop too until he sees the look on my face and decides he will wait until he gets home.

Arrive home to find both downstairs toilets have exploded all over bathroom floors.  (Do not ask ).  Clean both bathrooms, use 1 litre of disinfectant and now need to buy more cans of Glen 20.  Labradoodle sleeps in one of the bathrooms so wash all his bedding as it soaked up the toilet fountains beautifully.

Belated lunch for twins, more bribery with a cake pop each.

Unwrap more gifts.  Spend an hour putting barbie glamour vacation house and trashie garbage truck together.  (Note:  always assemble gifts before you wrap).

Dinner which is leftovers from Monday night.  Nobody likes it (even labradoodle) so hope that Workaholic comes home from the city with emergency cupcakes.

Workaholic home with cupcakes and a bunch of the most beautiful roses for moi!!!!

Candles will not light on cupcakes due to gusty wind that arrived at 5.31pm and left at 5.34pm.

Twins lose the plot somewhere between the bath and bedroom.

Workaholic on conference call when Master takes blankie onto the landing to sleep and Miss needs the toilet.
I was watering the front garden oblivious to it all.

Overall a fabulous day.  I can’t believe it was three years ago today.  Where did it go?