Pilfering of the Worst Kind

We have the most lovely cafe that we frequent most Sunday mornings.  The owner is the best and the staff have got to know us over the months.  For a long time there were never any highchairs so we would frequent somewhere else when they were little but I noticed under its new management that two chairs had made their way out on to the pavement.

I wished they were there when ours were little but still it was nice to see them there now.

Recently we were there and I overheard the waitress saying that there was only one chair now as someone had stolen the other one.  Now this cafe is open from about 6.30am until 5.00pm every day of the week, so somebody stole a highchair in broad daylight.  Who would do such a thing?

It is not just highchairs though.  In our travels we found ourselves at Wellington Airport, NZ when the twins were about 13 months old.  We asked if there were strollers to get them from checkin to the lounge and if possible to the departure gate as they were tired and getting pretty surly.  The assistant informed us that all the strollers had been stolen over time and so they don’t offer that service anymore.  Who would steal airport strollers?

I can’t quite get my head around this sort of behaviour.  It is hard enough for multiple parents to find more than one highchair at a cafe and two or more stollers at an airport is a blessing.  So come on those of you that might be tempted to steal items such as these either for a joke or for your own use, give it a second thought before you do it.  And if anyone has a clean, quality highchair that they don’t want, please let me know so we can be community spirited and donate it to a cafe that does a brilliant job at catering for all kids.