Potty Time x 2

We have now successfully navigated toilet training x 2.

We started on 26 November with a version of Dr Greens bladder-training plan (Green: 234-235) and were done by the 15th December.  There are still a few accidents which are usually just the start of something on the way to the loo.  I have discovered a few things about having twins that now use the bathroom during the day.

Firstly,  your nappy bill will decrease but your toilet paper one will quadruple.  This is partly due to having four people instead of two but also due to master and miss procuring more paper than is required.  I think we might even have purchased a 48 roll packet recently (sigh!).  I also seem to have many (too many) cans of Glen 20 around the house.  I just love that stuff!  The labradoodle is not so sure of it though.

Twins in a public toilet is hideous, but you just have to suck it up.  I love my mothers groups playground meet ups as I can leave one in the playground under the watchful eyes of the group.

Sometimes trees are better than toilets.

It is better to pee on the lawn than in the pool.

Going out is a whole new challenge.  You need a lot more spare clothes, just in case.  Usually you only need them because the toilets are too far to get to or they do not exist.

Miss likes to visit every bathroom she can even though she doesn’t need to go.  She likes to make comments like, “this is a nice toilet  Mummy” or “this is nice handsoap”, (she has picked that up from me).

You will be selective in which parks you visit due to available facilities or lack of.

Yet I do believe my back is better as I no longer have to lift toddlers on and off change mats (just toilets).