Supermarket Haul

A few months ago I witnessed the most amazingly funny toddler antic.  I hate supermarket shopping and try to avoid it like the plague.  But sometimes I just have to do it.  I was at the self checkout and the lady next to me was with a very excited four year old.  He was trying to talk her into getting a desperately needed toy.  She scanned her selection of groceries and told him that she didn’t have the cash for the toy.  He tried  to scan it himself,  only to be told that it wasn’t going to happen today and that maybe they could ask Santa for the toy.

Not to be put off he then tried to scan it across my checkout, which I thought was extremely inventive.  His mother and I laughed, “if he can’t get me to buy it then someone else can I guess”, she said.  She left the store with him in tow and I the store supervisor put the toy back on the shelf.

Half a minute later out of the corner of my eye I saw a small  figure streak into the supermarket and disappear into the fruit section.  I figured it was another little child who had lost sight of his mother and was dashing after her.  A moment later the same little child dashed behind me and out into the street with the already mentioned “Ask Santa” toy.  The  store supervisor was laughing herself silly as she followed him out to meet his mother.

I did notice one lady looking on at the scene with a disgusted look but you have to laugh at situations like that.  It is harmless enough and how else are our children supposed to learn that they can’t always have everything in the store and they certainly can’t just take things.  And as mothers we cannot always be watching them.  I think everyone involved dealt with the situation beautifully.  I don’t know what I would do if the twins tried a stunt like that!

Thanks to the gorgeous four year old and his Mum for making my dreaded morning supermarket trip a hoot!